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Bodystream is a Medical Cannabis Service Company
At Bodystream Medical, we offer online COVID-19 assessments, and are able to provide COVID-19 screening tests and assessments virtually. More Info
If you are in immediate medical distress or danger please call 911

Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Whether you are new to Medical Cannabis or an experienced patient our healthcare professionals can help you navigate the many questions you have and help you obtain a prescription for Medical Cannabis.

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Accessing legal, medical cannabis is simple, check it out...
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Meet with one of our health care professionals, online over the phone or in person at any one of our many locations across Ontario.
Obtain Your Prescription
After your consultation with our Health Care Professional and Cannabis Educator, you will be able to obtain your Cannabis prescription.
Order Your Cannabis
You can now order your cannabis over the phone or online with any of our over 15 Licensed Producers!
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Why Get Medical Grade Cannabis?

You don't have to get high to feel better

All the medicinal benefits without the high
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Why Medical Cannabis?

Here are a few benefits to having a prescription.
Covered by Insurance
Covered under medical prescription by most major providers
Medical Tax Write-Off
Applicable against your tax returns
Supervised by a Physician
Professional Physicians will provide all of the education and counseling to help you get started
Better Pricing & Selection
Purchasing directly from licensed producers means better pricing
Easy online ordering with often same day shipping to your door
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Virtual Clinics

Now Available!

Seek help for general health concerns such as COVID-19 Assessments, Medical Cannabis Prescription Consultations and Renewals, Acute Pain, Chronic Pain Mens Health and much more online and confidentially. All services are covered by OHIP and provided by certified healthcare professionals.

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Virtually Canada Wide

Bodystream has optimized Virtual Health by providing a blend of familiar process and the modern conveniences of remote assessments. Book your appointment with a live person who is looking forward to helping you the old fashion way then meet with a physician from the safety and comfort of your home from anywhere in Canada!

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