Bodystream is a Medical Cannabis Service Company

Medical Cannabis Prescriptions in Surrey, British Columbia

Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics can help you obtain a medical marijuana prescription in Surrey, British Columbia. We help you book a phone consultation with one of our professional physicians and fill out and file the necessary paperwork with a Licensed Producer (LP). We’ll make sure that you can secure a medical marijuana prescription so that you can purchase medical cannabis legally.

Medical Cannabis Prescription Process in Surrey, British Columbia

It’s not hard to acquire a medical cannabis prescriptions. Appointments are confidential and our company has the best quality standards when it comes to the medical marijuana industry.

Step 1

Book an Appointment

One of our medical cannabis doctors is ready to take your phone call anytime during the day, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Book your session today to learn how you can obtain medical cannabis.

Step 2

Obtain your Medical Cannabis Prescription

After your meeting, you’ll obtain your medical cannabis prescription from a expertly-trained health care professional.

Step 3

Order Your Medical Marijuana Prescription

Order your medical marijuana from one of our 15 professionally-licensed medical cannabis producers online or by phone.

Book An Appointment

About Bodystream Medical Cannabis Meetings

Your information is kept confidential and our medical cannabis services will help you through the entire procedure of acquiring medical marijuana that helps treat the medical condition that you have. Our staff is helpful and professionally trained to help you through every step. Our caring medical doctors will advise you along the way.

The Perks to Medical Cannabis

It is now legal to acquire recreational marijuana in Canada, but without a medical marijuana card, you may be subjected to limitations. Your medical cannabis prescription helps you receive many benefits including:

  • Insurance coverage - Your insurance may cover all costs of medical marijuana from prescription and cost of purchase. 
  • Medical tax write off - Your prescription can help write-off medical marijuana from your tax returns. 
  • Supervised by a physician - You’ll receive a detailed education and consulting from trained medical doctors to help learn about how to use medical cannabis. 
  • Better pricing and selection - Licensed manufacturer offer you better pricing and a greater selection. 
  • Convenience - Potential same-day shipping when you order online.

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