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A Guide To Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Acquiring a prescription for medical marijuana can be difficult for some. But with the help of Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics, the process becomes significantly easier. Our team assists you at every step, including finding you the right physician, helping you to correctly fill in the appropriate forms, and helping you submit them to a License Producer (or LP). Our end goal is to get you the medical cannabis prescription needed for you to legally buy and use medical marijuana.

How To Get A Medical Cannabis Prescription in Abbotsford

Bodystream exists to help people navigate the tricky process of getting a medical marijuana card prescription. Any information we get from clients is always held in strict confidentiality.

Step 1

Setting The Initial Appointment

The first thing we do is schedule a phone interview between you and one of our health care professionals. Members of our team are available day and night, all year round.

Step 2

Getting Your Cannabis Prescription

During this step, we give you an education on the numerous benefits of using medical marijuana. You'll then receive a medical cannabis prescription shortly afterward so that you can legally use and buy medical marijuana

Step 3

Buying Your Medical Marijuana

Once you've been granted a card, purchases can be made from fifteen different producers. You'll be able to place orders for medical cannabis online or over the phone.

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About Bodystream Medical Cannabis Consultations

We couldn't operate if clients didn't have absolute trust in us. That's why our team upholds the highest standards of confidentiality within our industry. Our professional staff will lend you their expertise so that you will be able to legally purchase and use marijuana to reduce the symptoms of your medical condition.

Key Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

It was October 17, 2018, when Canada legalized recreational marijuana use. From that date forward, Canadian citizens have been able to buy and use marijuana, with some restrictions in place (such as availability and limitations on form). But there are additional benefits granted by a cannabis prescription, including:

  • Insurance Coverage ? Your insurance provider may cover part of your prescription marijuana, partially or entirely.
  • Tax Benefits ? What you spend on your prescription marijuana may qualify as a tax write-off.
  • Help from Physicians ? When you first start using prescription marijuana, you'll have help from licensed physicians.
  • Pay Less, Choose From More ? Those who purchase from licensed providers have access to a larger variety of products and lower prices.
  • More Buying Options? If you have a medical marijuana card, you have the option of placing orders over the telephone or online. Some providers have same or next day shipping.

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