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A Guide To Medicinal Cannabis Prescriptions in Aurora, Ontario

It takes lots of time and understanding in order to finish the medical marijuana prescription operation. At Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics, the prescription procedure is easier to complete than before. We will help you in the procedure. From meeting a medical doctor to choosing an advised prescription, to writing out all of the needed papers to be sent to a Licensed Producer (also known as an LP), and finally picking up the prescription that allows you to legally purchase and use medical marijuana.

Applying For A Medical Cannabis Prescription in Aurora, Ontario

The licensed physicians at Bodystream can take you through each step to getting a medical cannabis prescription. During the process, we hold the highest quality of standards in confidentiality.

Step 1

Booking A Telephone Appointment with A Physician

To start the prescription procedure, we set up a telephone meeting with one of our medical physicians. If you have any concerns or questions about medical marijuana, call our physician team anytime during the week.

Step 2

Receiving A Medical Marijuana Prescription

Our team of medical physicians will need to educate you all of the benefits and proper ways to use medical cannabis. Once you have got all of the important information, you will be given a medical cannabis prescription.

Step 3

Buying Your Medical Cannabis

Once you have received your medical cannabis prescription in the mail, you are legally able to order medical cannabis from one of our many licensed suppliers online or by calling us on the phone.

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About Bodystream Medical Marijuana Clinics

At Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics, it is our duty to make sure that our customers have the best standards of confidentiality in the medical marijuana industry. Our professional team of medical physicians can help you through the procedure of getting a medical marijuana prescription, and being able to own medical marijuana that can treat specific medical conditions such as PTSD. If you need any help, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise of medical marijuana with you at any time.

Additional Benefits of Medical Marijuana

On October 17, 2018, Canada made history by approving the use of recreational cannabis. Since that date, marijuana has been available for the public to own, though this does have some limitations in quantity and availability. However, a marijuana prescription grants additional helpful benefits, such as being able to ignore the costs of your medical cannabis on your taxes or your insurance plan, or finding the best variety of cannabis at a cheaper price.

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