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A Guide To Medicinal Marijuana Prescriptions in North Vancouver, British Columbia

If you're looking to get a medical marijuana prescription, it can be hard if you aren't fully prepared. That's why you should think about working with Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics. Our team will lead you through each stage of the procedure, helping you meet with a medical professional, helping you to correctly finish the necessary documents, sending them for you to a LP (Licenced Producer) and finally getting you the medical marijuana prescription so that you can legally purchase and use medical cannabis.

How To Obtain A Medical Marijuana Prescription in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Bodystream aims to make the process easier for you when it comes to getting you accepted for a medical marijuana prescription. We keep complete confidentiality with all of our customers.

Step 1

Booking Your First Meeting

We start when you book your first telephone appointment with a member of our physician team. We have staff available any time to meet your needs. This also includes weekends.

Step 2

Getting the Medical Marijuana Prescription

The next step is to give you the proper knowledge on how medical cannabis use can help you. You will then receive a marijuana prescription shortly afterward, allowing you to legally buy and use medical cannabis.

Step 3

Buying Medical Cannabis

With your prescription, you can finally purchase medical cannabis from fifteen different suppliers. You can buy medical cannabis either online or by phone.

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About Bodystream Medical Marijuana Consultations

Confidentiality is a quintessential part of our appointment service. Because of this, we continue to uphold the best standards in the medical cannabis industry. Our medical staff is available to help you with each and every step of getting a medical cannabis prescription and helping you to finally gain access to cannabis to help with the symptoms of your medical condition. We are always happy to share our knowledge with you and to answer any questions you have.

Major Benefits of Medical Cannabis

As of October 17, 2018, Canada has legalized the use of recreational cannabis, and Canadian citizens have been able to buy cannabis since that date (though there are restrictions on stock depending on location). Those with a marijuana prescription hold these additional benefits:
Costs Paid by Insurance ? The costs of your prescribed medical cannabis may be covered by your insurance.
Possible Tax Benefits ? The costs of prescribed medical cannabis can sometimes be written off on taxes.
Physician Supervision ? Licensed physicians will be available to supervise you when you begin using medical marijuana.
Low Prices, Wide Selection ? When you buy from licensed suppliers, you'll have a larger selection of cannabis to choose from and will pay much less.
Easy Buying ? You'll be able to purchase medical marijuana online or over the phone. Some producers even offer same or 2-day shipping.

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